Because of our distributed campus we rarely see each other. Here is where we can promote our culture of collaboration! (The most recent items are on top.)

Math Department Meeting Agenda for April 4, 2020

  • Dean’s Welcome
  • Congratulations Coastliners with new full-time positions Anton Butenko (MtSJC), Gordon Song (El Camino) and Shoo Seto (CSUF)
  • Coronavirus and COVID-19
  • Best practices to continue the learning and retain students
  • Proctorio – Stacey Smith, Dept Chair Business and Economics
  • Videos “How to Show Work on Paper” and “How to Show Work in MyMathLab”
  • Conversion of on-site classes to remote learning – $100 honorarium
  • Inactives, No Shows, LDA still required
  • How To Keep Students From Emailing the Dean and the Co-Chairs
  • RSI evaluation of Fall 2019 courses postponed
  • Spring 2020 evaluations postponed
  • Office of Research report on Impact of AB-705 on Math Spring 2020 regarding Math C091 and Math C096 Support Courses: Success!
  • New SLOs for Math C100 and Math C180
  • Calculus Work Group report
  • Luke Smith’s Student Art Project based on Drawing Fractals in Under Five Minutes!

Math Department Meeting Agenda for October 26, 2019

  • Dean’s Welcome
  • Inactives, No Shows, LDA, DL Exams, Proctor Forms
  • RSI Update or: How To Keep Students From Emailing the Dean and the Co-Chairs
  • SLO Update: Math Dept Canvas website; Coastline SLO Cloud; SLO Assessment Results (coming soon)
  • DL Website new Proctor page & new eForm
  • AB 705 Support Course updates (091/115 & 096/160)
  • Title 5 Definition “Distance education means the instructor and student are separated by time and/or distance and interact through the assistance of technology.” Chancellor’s Office Distance Education and Educational Technology Advisory Committee (DEETAC) will soon release course modality guidelines. Tentatively they are: Fully Online (FO) all instruction is online; Partially Online (PO) online instruction with scheduled on-campus meetings and/or assessments); Online with Flexible In-Person Component (OFI) online instruction with in-person/proctored assessment/activities at a flexible time and place. See the DE Guidelines Definitions Section DRAFT Oct 2 2019 for more information.
  • Coastline Math Dept Policy on Exams and Proctoring: Electronic vs Human?
  • New: textbook requisitions submitted by Department Co-Chairs
  • New College Center construction and design update
  • Non-Credit College Readiness program will refresh math skills, uses EdReady Math from NROC
  • Calculus Work Group report

Math Department Meeting Agenda for April 6, 2019

  • Welcome new Instructor: Sho Seto!
  • Dean’s report on late start classes, No Shows and LDA
  • Dean’s report on remote students not submitting Proctor forms on time
  • Dean’s report on Accreditation visit Feb 25-27
  • Dean’s report on Department of Education Program Review Determination Feb 26: “The Department concludes that CCC meets Distance Education (DE) policy and procedures and determined they were adequate. However, CCC should strictly follow and enforce DE definition and document RSI.” See DE Recommendations and FA Recommendations
  • Faculty are to follow the Faculty Success Center RSI Plans for their department
  • Coastline RSI Task Force RSI Task Force Review Plan
  • New Pearson Time Based Options for MyLab Math and Statistics (18-Week vs 24-Month)
  • Fred & Lisa presented at the CAP 3rd Annual Statewide Conference in Sacramento Feb 21-23 on Online Implementation of AB 705 in MathSee all other materials from conference in the CAP DropBox.
  • AB 705 CAP Case Study: A Math Class Gone Awry
  • Join the conversation! Follow the Facebook CAP Math group.
  • Update on District-Wide math department meeting Mar 15 on AB 705; new CCC Placement Model; CCC and OCC will offer faculty workshops for implementing AB 705; guest speaker shared Santa Ana College GSP.
  • Hao will discuss Proctorio and the new GAISE Report of recommendations for college-level introductory statistics
  • Best practices for Exam Reviews
  • Son & Mitchell will lead review of Calculus course content and assessments

Math Department Meeting Agenda for October 27, 2018

  • RSI–Continue the discussion with “Show and Tell” share your website: James Yang, Duy Tran, Mehdi Mirfattah, Gordon Song and Jessica Kuang
  • New course outlines of record for Math C091 COR Support for College Algebra and Math C096 COR Support for Introduction to Statistics
  • How to access the CAP Drop Box for AB 705 with support course activities and materials

Math Department Meeting Agenda for September 21, 2018

Most Valuable Resource That Teachers Have Is Each Other

Math Department Meeting Agenda for April 7, 2018

Math Department Meeting Spring 2018 – February 15 Flex Day

Coastline Math Department Wiki Is Back! Fall 2017 — Math Department Meeting Agenda, October 28

  • Lisa Lee and Fred Feldon new Math Department Co-Chairs (Lisa: Scheduling, Meetings, TERCs, CORs, Curriculum, Committees, Placement, Student Issues, Articulation; Fred: PT Faculty Hiring, Mentoring & Evaluation, Canvas, Program Review, Textbooks/Bookstore, Publisher Liason, Grants, SLOs, Technology)
  • Welcome New Instructors: Duy Tran, Bing Cheng, and Anton Butenko!
  • Welcome – Dean Tom Neal & VPI Vince Rodriguez
  • DOE, RSI, and Canvas Update – Lisa Lee, Fred Feldon, Dick Shiring, Thomas Cao
  • Length of Exam Sessions – Mike Everett
  • Academic Dishonesty and Course Grading Policies – Lisa Lee
  • Department Calculator Policy – Thomas Cao
  • Last Date of Attendance (LDA) on MyCCC Drop Rosters
  • Department OER Policy – Mitchell Alves
  • SLO Assessment and SLO Reporting Schedule – Fred Feldon, Mike Everett
  • Knewton – Anton Butenko
  • Update/Replace old exams, department exams – Mitchell Alves
  • New Foundations of Math combining all four developmental math classes – Fred Feldon
  • AP Exams and Credit/Placement Policy; see AB 1985 – Fred Feldon
  • Kahoot Every Day – Chau Tran

Fred’s Finds Fall 2017

Fred’s Finds Spring 2013

Fred’s Finds Fall 2012

Fred’s Finds Spring 2012

Fred’s Finds Fall 2011

Math Department Meeting Agenda for February 4, Spring 2011

Math Department Meeting Agenda for October 29, Fall 2010

  • Meet at BJ’s Huntington Beach 16060 Beach Blvd. corner of Beach and Edinger
  • Course coverage with new books from Trigsted and Briggs
  • OCMC Open House
  • Spring Schedule
  • Summer Schedule
  • Faculty survey coming in Spring
  • New tablet devices from Jose (Wacom Bamboo) and John (Interwrite Pad)

Math Department Meeting Agenda for September 10, Fall 2010

  • Welcome new instructors MIKE FUZE HUANG and JOSH ROCHE
  • Congratulations JUNKO FORBES new full-time faculty position at El Camino!
  • Congratulations DICK SHIRING Academic Course Quality winner and CHAU TRAN Part-Time Instructor of the Year award!

external image IMG_5112.JPG

  • Mid-Fall Dept. Meeting on Friday, October 29, 4:00 p.m.
  • CMC3-South Fall Mini Conference October 16 at Norco College
  • New MML features beginning Summer 2010
  • MML student video contest info at
  • SLO progress notes in all your Seaport classes
  • All college course outlines available at
  • Turn in current Syllabi and Final Exams in digital format to be shared at
  • New Student Success Center (SSC) number of certificated math instructors quadrupled (Chau Tran, Nigie Shi, Jessica Kuange and Josh Roche). Thank you, Vinicio!
  • Recent Developmental Math department activites – Malinni Roeun
  • Lisa Lee’s trip to Hangzhou Normal University in China to present research paper and visit Xiang Jiang HS – Lisa Lee
  • New online contract ed Math C180 for XJHS students in China – Jessica Kuang
  • New Math Club (see Google Docs for Bylaws) and online peer tutoring – Chau Tran
  • New survey for part-time faculty regarding scheduling, etc. – Coming soon
  • Budget requests for new Tablet PCs. What else: Books? Equipment? Software?
  • How to teach in the classroom when students have only the eBook
  • Other noteworthy homework help and mathematical sites of interest I’ve recently discovered: The Khan Academy MathTV George Woodbury’s MML Blogarithm Free Data Visualization Software Find a Tutor TutorNation and WyzAnt Cool games for learning Developmental Math LineGem FlowerPower Dan Meyer’s TED video Math Class Needs a Makeover

Math Department Meeting Agenda for April 16, Mid-Spring 2010

  • Diane Gray, National MML and MMT Consultant will offer training
  • MML new release features and benefits
  • Next-generation textbooks: Trigsted (Inter/College Algebra) and Briggs (Calculus) adopting for the Fall
  • Course redesign
  • Using MyMathTest (MMT) for placement testing
  • TestGen versus MathXL
  • Best Practices; Q & A
  • Raffle for a free Wacom Bamboo Tablet!

Math Department Meeting Agenda for February 5, Spring 2010

  • Short meeting, only one hour…
  • Welcome new instructors, NIGIE SHIJESSICA KUANG and MICHAEL LEE
  • New Math Lounge Video in Second Life
  • Lisa Lee on Sabbatical Spring 2010, teaching one class
  • Eric Mazur Video, Confessons of a Converted Lecturer and the value of
    peer-to-peer instruction
  • Assessing student learning outcomes (SLOs), the rubric and “conventional” vs “conceptual”
    or “expected” vs “unfamiliar” problems: What’s the difference?

Math Department Meeting Agenda for September 11, Fall 2009

  • Welcome new instructors, MIKE EVERETT and DAN BINDMAN
  • Welcome new Dean of the Le-Jao Center, VINICIO LOPEZ
  • Welcome new Pearson Sales Rep, SUSAN BRILLING
  • Next department meeting 7th Week: Friday, October 16, 4:30 p.m.
  • SHOW and TELL: Five-Minute Presenation of Your Course Website
  • Important: Multiple forms of Midterm and Final Exams!
  • 6-Week versus 8-Week summer session?
  • Incorporate the latest educational technology at
  • See Pat McKeague’s videos on
  • Dick Shiring has office hours in Second Life!
  • Why twitter? Go to See p 11-15.
  • Looking for a Math Across the Curriculum (MAC) writing project? Check out for the latest PBS/NOVA program “Hunting the Hidden Dimension” and where students will find cool, short videos and lots of stuff to write about!

Math Department Meeting Agenda for February 6, Spring 2009

Math Department Meeting Agenda for September 5, Fall 2008

  • Congratulations Malinni Roeun, new full-time math instructor at Coastline!
  • Congratulations Naoko Maekawa, new full-time math instructor at OCC!
  • Congratulations Jeff Troy, offered full-time math/engineering position at OCC!
  • Congratulations Henri Feiner, new full-time math instructor at W LA College!
  • Welcome new instructors Diem Thanh Nguyen and Jenny Lam!
  • Show and Tell: MyMathLab sample student logins
  • Cheating: How to respond to it–how to prevent it
  • New Mac compatibility with select textbooks for MyMathLab
  • @ONE October 7 Lunch n’ Learn Tips and Tricks for Teaching Math Online by Fred Feldon
  • AMATYC Traveling Workshop with Rob Kimball and Mike Martin Friday and Saturday!

Math Department Meeting Agenda for February 1, Spring 2008

  • Congratulations Nii-Boye Simpson-Rodgers, full-time position at L.A. Trade Tech College!
  • Four (4) Math positions open in the District!
  • New Beginning/Intermediate Algebra textbooks to replace Bittinger (back to Lial/Hornsby/McGinnis)
  • Show and Tell: Collect MyMathLab sample student logins
  • Proposed Majors and Areas of Emphasis (Math major and Math/Science area of emphasis)
  • FTE growth: Summer ’07 40.8%, Fall ’07 24.7% wow! Much higher than OCC/GWC
  • Thanks to Military Program Faculty–Coastline won National Top Ten Award!
  • Tablet PC Brown Bag Lunch at Garden Grove Center on Tuesday, February 12, Room 207
  • CMC3-S Spring Conference February 29-March 1, Doubletree Hotel, Anaheim
  • Beyond Assessment article by Jim Ham
  • “How to Cheat Using a Coke Bottle” Fliggo video from Henri Feiner
  • “Finite Simple Group” YouTube video
  • “Calculus: The Musical” video
  • Add other items here that you wish to discuss…

Math Department Meeting Agenda for September 7, Fall 2007

  • Welcome new faculty Thomas Cao, Junko Forbes, Kelly Nguyen, Nii-Boye Simpson-Rodgers, and Jeff Troy!
  • Congratulations Malinni Roeun, full-time position at El Camino College, and Jose Villalobos, full-time position at Marymount College! Lucky for us they both have agreed to keep one class each at Coastline.
  • “Math 911” video from Henri Feiner
  • “Math Lab from Hell” YouTube video
  • Banking for College; Early College High School
  • “Pay Attention” video Transforming Teaching through Technology
  • MyMathLab training with Josh Dunlap and Erin Carman
  • Seaport Websites
  • SLOs common to all math classes
  • CCC Confer and Eluminate Live
  • Feedback on newly adopted Math 010 and 030 Bittinger textbooks
  • Give away TI-86’s to select students
  • New TI-Nspire software and handheld device
  • Schedule Spring 2008 (everybody keeps the same classes unless we discuss otherwise)
  • Add other items here that you wish to discuss…

New Software: GeoGebra and TI-Nspire

Check out free, open-source software that joins geometry, algebra, and calculus at and let us know here what you think. How do you like it? Would you recommend it to others (including students)?

At the International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics (ICTCM) Texas Instruments introduced for the first time to the public their new computer algebra system called TI-Nspire. It has two versions: computer software and a hand-held device. Both programs are identical. There are no separate “teacher” or “student” units. The hand-held unit is about the same size (slightly larger) and the same price (about $120) as a graphing calculator. It will be formally announced at the Teachers Teaching with Technology (T-Cubed) Conference next month (see for more info) then available for purchase this summer. Visit TI’s page at TI-Nspire for more info. The graphing calculator as we know it is history. With programs like this and GeoGebra freely available, I feel this will revolutionize our classrooms and the way we teach!

  • Add your comments here…

Math Department Meeting Agenda for February 2, Spring 2007

Welcome to the new Coastline Math Department Blog! We have a new Math Department Website! Recently created by me in conjunction with Coastline’s Website manager Jan Heck. Go to the Coastline home page and at the top click on Academic Departments > Programs > Math Department Home Page. How do you like it? Comments or suggestions? At the meeting what else should we discuss? Add it to the list below. Click above on Join (it’s free) then Edit This Page. You may also create a new heading for other discussions.

  • Math Department Website
  • Seaport: Coastline’s course management system
  • Voyager (Banner) system: online rosters, online registration, turn grades in online, etc.
  • Movie star Fred — show us your new videos about exciting curve fitting and regression analyses!!
  • Summer schedule
  • Turn your students on to MiniPlot restickable graphs
  • Online Midterm and/or Final Exams
  • Common Course Numbering Changes for CCC
  • Differences between Cable Courses and Online Courses
  • California Mathematics Council of Community Colleges South (CMC3S) 22nd Annual Conference March 2-3; go to for more info
  • Orange County Mathematics Council (OCMC) Conference March 9-10; go to for more info
  • Virtual PC to run MyMathLab on a Mac; go to for more info.
  • Problem-Based Case Learning (PBCL) Video Workshop/Conference Tuesday March 20, 2-5 p.m. GG 207
  • February 23-25 CourseCompass down for updating and new features
  • Urgent: 6th-Year Validation of Math Placement Test w/Shanon Gonzales; must be done this semester
  • Congratulations to Chau Tran, who helped HoangAnh Nguyen skip from his Math 005 to Math 140. Good work, Chau!
  • Congratulations to Lisa Lee, who will be featured in the next Distance Learning Student Guide!

Thanks! — Fred Feldon, Math Department Chair 1995-2011


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